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Hinton Auto Detailing is owned and operated by Damian Hinton. At a very young age Damian realized he wanted to own his own business, but he didn’t have the perfect business plan or even what business to go into. Starting when he was 8 years old, on every fathers day, Damian would buy his favorite Turtle Wax and wash mitt and go clean his father’s car. After a while neighbors began to ask if they could also have their cars cleaned like his fathers. Here is where the the foundation of what would become Hinton Auto Detailing began. 

In his parents driveway, Damian would clean the neighborhood cars inside and out as best he could for a total of 20 dollars per car. Its hard to beat those prices isn’t it? To a 8 or 9 year old kid that kind of money is a treasure. Throughout the years, Damian continued his passion for car cleaning, but his love for sports and fitness took priority. Although he would go on to work at a detailing shop and continue his education in the industry, school, sports, and fitness took the first priority. 

When Damian finally started college, he wanted to free himself up to study when he needed to and worked when he could. This is when Damian finally got serious about starting his own detailing business and began his venture as an Entrepreneur. Little did he know that instead of free up his time, this venture would take more time and effort than anything else he had ever done in his life. 

Fast forward to today and Damian is living his dream running a mobile detailing business in Atlanta, GA. He plans to graduate Kennesaw State University in 2022 with a degree in Business, Entrepreneurship and continues to grow his business everyday. 

A word from Damian Hinton

“Our main goal at Hinton Auto Detailing comes in two parts. Part one is to make the customer experience as smooth and easy as possible. Part two is to get the most quality results possible. If you are looking for a simple wash and a quick wipe down, there are many automated or self serve car washes that can offer those services. We specialize in making your car look brand new again, while using the most safe techniques as to not damage the vehicle in the process. We want to clean and protect your car and keep it that way.”

-Damian Hinton


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