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Keep up with your cars exterior with maintance washing

Our basic exterior service is perfect for car owners who are looking for mobile detailing in Atlanta and love to have their car shine. Washing your car does not have to be super complicated, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it. We use the proper techniques to keep your car scratch and swirl free.

If your are looking for a quick service that will leave your ace looking shiny and glossy, this is most likely the right service for you. 

Here's what you get...

We use our all purpose cleaner to agitate and clean the rims and tires.

Next the car is rinsed down. This serves two purposes…1: to remove the loose dirt and debris 2: to give the technician an idea of what kind of protection is on the paint. 

Bug/Tar remover is applied and rinsed in areas where excessive bugs, road tar, bird poo…etc has collected.

Next the car is foamed down and hand washed using proper car washing techniques to reduce the risk of scratching or swirling the paint. 

After the car has been properly washed, the paint then is dried. Compressed air is used to remove trapped water in tight areas.

A spray wax is applied to the paint, leaving the paint shiny ad glossy while also protecting it from the elements. 

To give your tires a deep contour, a tire dressing is rubbed into the tire to ensure no dressing “slings” onto the newly cleaned paint.

Finally, the glass is cleaned for the drivers clear vision. Cleaning glass can be tricky. This is why we use a three towel method to ensure there is no streaking left behind. 

Our Basic Exterior service is often paired with our Basic Interior. Both services offer amazing results with a quick turnaround. 

If your car needs a deep thorough cleaning, try our Premium Exterior or our Premium Interior to transform your car’s condition. 

Simple Pricing

Pricing is based on year, make, and condition of vehicle.








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Mobile detailing Atlanta

Hinton Auto Detailing is a mobile detailing business based out of Atlanta, GA. We offer services anywhere from a Basic Interior all the way to a full ceramic coating. 

Keeping up with your car can be a hassle to stay on top of. At Hinton Auto Detailing it is our mission to make our customers lives as stress free as possible with a clean car.

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